Mother, I Cannot Weave — EP

by middlescence

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released November 22, 2019

Isabella Ness, guitar / vocals / ambient design on all tracks.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Isabella Ness.


all rights reserved



middlescence Austin, Texas

Eve the guitar, Isabella the human. Life happens, and so we sing about it to make it hum a little louder.

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Track Name: Let Troy Burn
Helen, o Helen,
Let down your unbound hair
For I’m bound for the round
Of your hips

Used to be I'd shrug the price
Of the hardened sacrifice
To be told
That your face
Launched those ships—

Now I’m down, o I’m down
Here on mortal, quaking ground
And I’m lost in the dark
Of the truth;

Well I wish I’d brought a knife
So I’d slice out every eye
Of the stares
That undressed you
As you moved.

Tear these towers down,
Dark as the blood dried brown;
Bury your histories,
And I’ll bear you home from Cypridi.

Tell ‘em, o tell ‘em,
Those kings that claim you theirs,
That I’m here and don’t fear
What they wield;

I’ve a thousand years of strife
Stacked on ev’ry year of mine
From the mothers
Come before me
With their ire...

Hear, o hear
Those voices in the dark,
From the souls twisted up
And rent thru;

While my sisters weather hell
In the stories keepers tell
I’ll crouch here,
With what trouble
I can brew...
Track Name: Suéltate Las Cintas (Santaolalla)
Suéltate las cintas
de tu cabello y la falda
y demoremos la noche hasta el alba

Así, allí
muchachita descalza.

No necesitamos cielo
si vos tenés a mi espalda
y yo la luna enlazada

Así, allí
tu cintura de plata.

Si mañana en el pueblo
te ríes sola, espera
No digas el secreto en que me llevas

Así, allí
Junco, flor, miel y arena.
Track Name: Aspetos
I'd sear a thousand seas
To see you smile,
And when I'm drunk on hope
(It's only once
In a while)
I might cling to you
In a dream;
Hoping you might stay
Close to me…

Tell me I'm bleeding
I'll tell you I'm doing fine;
I'll bring the water
And maybe you bring the wine
So I'll drink you up
In one sip;
Licking every dreg
From your lips—

And I'd put the stars
Back in your eyes;
I'd take them from home,
Out of the sky,
And I'd leave them there
Without care
For the holes they left
In the air…

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